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Trimmed Book Covers C-H

We have extra dust jackets for many of our hardcovers. A few years ago Ray asked if it would be ok to throw them away. Jill was aghast! She queried followers on Facebook to see if there was any interest in buying trimmed jackets. Overwhelmingly people said yes! So this product was born.

The covers look wonderful framed on the wall, and are a cheery way to decorate your schoolroom or any room for that matter. They’d also be perfect in craft or art projects for your kids. What you get: front cover, back cover and two dust jacket flaps. Each jacket is a dollar, much cheaper than buying prints to decorate with.

Click “Choose an option” to see the list of available covers. Have fun decorating with them, we have! Please note that no frames are included. Shown are the covers from two of Jill’s favorite books.