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217 pages Ages 8+ Hardcover ISBN 9781930900530 5.75 × 8.25 × .875 in

The Mad Scientists’ Club
50th Anniversary Edition
Bargain Book

by Bertrand R. Brinley
illustrated by Charles Geer

Bargain books have been returned to us from our distributor. Most have bumps or blemishes, but no major problems. They’ll make nice reading copies to give to your children. These books have remainder marks, which means they were sold at a discount. They are returnable, but after selling thousands of them over the years, not one has been returned.

A strange sea monster appears on the lake…a fortune is unearthed from an old cannon…a valuable dinosaur egg is stolen. Watch out as the Mad Scientists turn Mammoth Falls upside down!

Take seven, lively, “normal” boys — one an inventive genius — give them a clubhouse for cooking up ideas, an electronics lab above the town hardware store, and a good supply of Army surplus equipment, and you, dear reader, have a boyhood dream come true and a situation that bears watching.

In the hands of an author whose own work involved technological pioneering, the proceedings are well worth undivided attention, as the boys explore every conceivable possibility for high and happy adventure in the neighborhood of Mammoth Falls. To the unutterable confusion of the local dignitaries — and the unalloyed delight of Bertrand Brinley’s fans — the young heroes not only outwit their insidious rival, Harmon Muldoon, but emerge as town heroes. Here, captured under one cover, are the fun-filled escapades of the young scientists whose exciting capers debuted in Boys’ Life fifty years ago.

Author’s Edition with text restored from the original manuscripts.