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40 pages Ages 3-8 Hardcover ISBN 9781930900882 7.375 × 10.375 × .375 in

The King With Six Friends

by Jay Williams
illustrated by Imero Gobbato

There are many nice things about being a king. But there is one very bad thing. It’s hard to find a job if you’re out of work. All that a king can do is rule, and if you have no kingdom then you are out of work. That’s what happened to young King Zar.

He was a good king, but young and without much experience. A bold, strong king with many soldiers had attacked his kingdom. Young Zar found himself with no country, with no palace or house or hut. Zar had twelve gold pieces, a suit of clothes and a sword. So he set out to find work.

The road was long and the world was wide. In Zar’s search for a kingdom he met six unusual friends along the way. From Jay Williams, the author of the Danny Dunn books, and magically illustrated by Imero Gobbato.