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32 pages Ages 3-8 Hardcover ISBN 9781930900714 7.375 x 10.375 x .375 in

Old Witch and the Polka-Dot Ribbon Bargain Book

by Wende and Harry Devlin

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“What’s cooking?” asked Old Witch, glaring at Nicky and his mother.

Nicky’s mother carefully explained about the contest. Oldwick needed a new bandstand and the townspeople agreed that a carnival, with a cake baking contest, would be a fine way to raise money.

Old Witch snorted as Nicky invited her to the carnival. “You’ll have a wonderful time,” he said. “And if you like, you may enter the contest, but Mrs. Butterbean always wins first prize.”

Grabbing her broom, Old Witch sailed out of the house to the top of a black walnut tree to sulk. Dear, cranky Old Witch returns in this classic 1970 tale, along with her hauntingly delicious recipe for Magic Nut Cake!