338 pages Ages 10-16 Trade Paperback N/A

Ocean-Born Mary

written and illustrated by Lois Lenski

Ocean-Born Mary was a real person. She was born in mid-ocean, while her parents, a young Scotch-Irish couple, were voyaging to American in 1720. Shortly after her birth, the ship was captured by pirates. The sight of the new-born babe so moved the pirate captain that he named the baby Mary and allowed the immigrant band to proceed on its voyage unharmed. The child grew up to be called Ocean-Born Mary.

Lois Lenski came across this colorful New England legend, traced its historic origins with delight and wrote an absorbing story around this fascinating woman. It is a powerful tale, rich in flavor and humor, and valuable for its true picture of Portsmouth and the surrounding New Hampshire countryside fifty years before the American Revolution.

Lenski also wrote an afterword, dated May 1, 1939, about her research of Mary.

To be released in 2020, the 300th year anniversary of Mary’s birth.