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Ages 9-12+ Hardcover ISBN 9781948959070 5.5 x 8.375 x 1 in

Man of the Family

by Ralph Moody
illustrated by Edward Shenton

After Father’s death, young Ralph became the man of the family in a West that was still not fully tame. He and his older sister Grace valiantly helped their mother to keep the family together. It wasn’t easy, there were heartbreaking disappointments and anxious moments. But there were also exciting episodes, amusing developments, real accomplishments, and exhilarating triumphs.

Ralph engaged in a number of daring and challenging pursuits. He earned his spurs as a genuine cow puncher, rode in cowboy races, picked cherries and gathered coal, helped his mother operate a successful bakery route and he devised an unusual business which brought the family a steady income and revealed Ralph was quite an inventor! All this and school too. Though Ralph worked hard to help support his family, he had more fun and adventure than most boys.

A number of colorful, engaging people come to life in these pages. There’s good-hearted Sheriff McGrath, Hi the capable cowboy, and of course, Mother, a brave woman who saw to it that her children had a real home, and who well deserved her son’s loving tribute. Here again is the story of warmth and the joy of close family relationships, and the courage of a proud American heritage.

Cover and endpages by Algot Stenbery.

Tentative release date: February-April 2019