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10 on up hardcover 10 × 9 × 2 in

Kickstarter – Walk Like an Egyptian

by David Weitzman
Lucile Morrison

We’ve heard from several people who missed out on our kickstarter campaign by minutes or hours. So we’re offering a few of our most popular packages here on our website until midnight eastern time on August 2nd. It’s like a pre-order or pledge, you prepay for the books now to reserve them and when we receive the finished books in Nov-Dec your order will be given a high priority. We’ll do everything we can to get your books out in time for Christmas. The only thing that will prevent it from happening is shipping or customs delays to us due to covid, or if the post office slows down because of covid. As of right now there should be plenty of time!

If you want to order other books please make a separate order unless you want them all held until Nov-Dec when the new books arrive.

This package is for a hardcover of The Lost Queen of Egypt and Pharaoh’s Boat. Both in hardcover with the stretch goals and freebies included. The price is the same as on kickstarter, $25 + $22.

We appreciate your support!