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Ages 10 and up hardcover 10 × 10 × 5 in

Kickstarter – The Whole Lot

by Margot Benary-Isbert
by Marguerite de Angeli
by David Weitzman
Lucile Morrison

We’re offering the most popular package from our summer Kickstarter campaign on our website now! It’s like a pre-order or pledge, you prepay for the books to reserve them now. The finished books are scheduled to arrive in mid-November, your order will be shipped out once the Kickstarter orders have been completed. This will most likely be in early December and you will get an email with a confirmation number the day your books ship. Your books will go out before we release these titles to the big online retailers.

The only thing that will prevent your books from arriving before Christmas is if  there are shipping or customs delays due to covid, or if the post office slows down because of covid. As of right now everything is on schedule.

This photo is of the actual books we had printed, these are our advance copies! You’ll get one hardcover of each title: The Lost Queen of Egypt, Pharaoh’s Boat, The Ark, Rowan Farm and Bright April. They will have all the stretch goals and freebies! Dust jackets, color illustrations and end pages where applicable. We’ll add the free bookmarks until we run out.

This package is the same price as it was on kickstarter, $116 for books and $9 for shipping. If you want to order anything else on our website, please make a separate order unless you want all the books to go out in December.

We appreciate your support!