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32 pages Ages 3-8 Paperback ISBN 9781948959131 7.6 × 10 × .15 in

Hanna’s Cold Winter

by Trish Marx
illustrated by Barbara Knutson

Hanna was a hippopotamus in the Budapest zoo. Hanna and the other hippos thrived in the warm springs which flowed from the ground.

One winter, however, it was so cold that the river froze. There was a war going on, and the people and animals were starving. But the people of Budapest made a plan to save their beloved hippos.

This heartwarming story, based on a true incident that took place during World War II, is beautifully told by Trish Marx. Barb Knutson’s charming illustrations magically evoke the faraway place and time. With a new note from the author at the end!