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36 pages Ages 2 - 6 Hardcover ISBN 9781930900950 5.625 × 7.375 × .375 in

Goose Bargain Book

by Molly Bang

Bargain books have been returned to us from our distributor. Most have bumps or blemishes, but no major problems. They’ll make nice reading copies to give to your children. These books have remainder marks, which means they were sold at a discount. They are returnable, but after selling thousands of them over the years, not one has been returned.

The story of a little goose who had to leave home to find out what no one could teach her. Adopted by woodchucks at birth, goose never feels she truly belongs … until the day she discovers she can fly.

Written in 1996, Goose was named a best book of the year by both School Library Journal and Horn Book. In 2016 it won the Phoenix Picture Book Award from the Children’s Literature Association.

“I wrote Goose for my daughter when she was having a terrible time getting used to her first year of college. It was not intended as a book, but she suggested that it should be. It turns out that people see Goose not only as a story for children, but often give it to young people who are about to go to college or into the work world, or to retirees who are about to enter some new phase of life. It is also, obviously, a book about the difficulties faced by an adoptive child—or by any child who feels she or he doesn’t quite fit into the family.” —Molly Bang