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32 pages Ages 3-8 Hardcover ISBN 9781930900691 8.125 × 10.375 × .375 in

Cranberry Halloween
Bargain Book

by Wende and Harry Devlin

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The citizens of Cranberryport need to raise money for a new dock after theirs is destroyed in a storm. Almost everyone volunteers to help, with Mr. Whiskers offering to keep the money that’s raised in his grandfather’s moneybox.

Cranky Mr. Grape refuses to contribute and insists it’s a mistake to trust Mr. Whiskers. Grandmother speaks up for Mr. Whiskers and he gets the job, but on the way to the town Halloween party Maggie and Mr. Whiskers are confronted by two men dressed in pirates costumes who want to steal the town’s money. What will they do?

This 1982 classic returns with another mouthwatering recipe, this time for Cranberry Dessert!