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32 pages Ages 3-8 Paperback ISBN 9781948959063 9.5 × 8.375 × .15 in

A Pair of Red Clogs
Bargain Book

by Masako Matsuno
illustrated by Kazue Mizumura

Bargain books have been returned to us from our distributor. Most have bumps or blemishes, but no major problems. They’ll make nice reading copies to give to your children. These books have remainder marks, which means they were sold at a discount. They are returnable, but after selling thousands of them over the years, not one has been returned.

A child’s delight in a new pair of shoes is the same all over the world, whether the shoes are patent-leather sandals, straw alpargatas, deerskin moccasins, or wooden clogs.

For Mako, a little Japanese girl, the new shoes were clogs painted with red lacquer that shone beautifully. This is the story of what happened after she cracked the new clogs playing the weather-telling game and so longed for a bright, shiny new pair to replace them that she almost did a dishonest thing.

“Perfect for Preschoolers.” —Parents Magazine