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Imero Gobbato

Imero Gobbato was born in Milan, Italy in 1923 and he died in 2010. Gobbato trained in Milan at Liceo Artistico and received his advanced art training at the Istituto d’Arte in Venice, where he was influenced by Da Vinci and Gauguin. After WWII, he lived in Argentina and Guatemala for a short time before emigrating to the United States. Gobbato worked for Paramount Studios as a set designer, later he designed and built yachts before turning his creative attention to children’s book illustration. He and his wife, Josette, eventually moved to a coastal town in Maine where he opened an art studio and his musical career flourished. He played the guitar and cello, but focused his attention on the violin. Gobbato was a prolific composer of over 300 solo and orchestral pieces.