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Molly Bang

Molly Bang, born 1943, Princeton, NJ

Daughter of Betsy Bang, author and translator of several folktales (five of which Molly illustrated).

Grew up in Baltimore fascinated by the British author, Arthur Rackham, who inspired her to take on illustrating as a career. She describes his work as enticing and magical.

She spent summers in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, a scientific community by the ocean where the fathers and a very few mothers worked in the labs by day and night. Later her interest in the natural world and her advocacy for environmental issues would be reflected in her work.

Graduated Wellesley College with a degree in French in 1965. Taught English at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan for 18 months. Worked as an interpreter for the (Japanese) Asahi newspaper. This happened just at the time of the first Apollo flights.

Masters at University of Arizona and Harvard in Oriental Studies.

Her ability to speak French helped her get a job as educator for a public health project in French-speaking Mali, West Africa. She spent the year there in 1980-81 writing and illustrating stories containing information on maternal and child health.

Published her first work The Goblins Giggle and other stories in 1973 (a collection of spooky tales including two Japanese, two Europeans, and one Chinese).

Bang became fascinated with international folklore and legends. She became known for her talent to interpret folk tales rich in mystery and suspense.

Currently lives in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

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