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Notable Books for Children
Smithsonian Magazine, December 2002.

The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club
by Bertrand R. Brinley (Purple House, $17.95)

"Just another quiet day in Mammoth Falls." Perhaps not: this reissue of a title originally published in the 1960s reintroduces a brotherhood of boy geniuses with a penchant for electronic crime detection and advanced rocketry.

Night of the Moonjellies
written and illustrated by Mark Shasha
(Purple House, $17.95)

Off the New England coast on midsummer nights, colonies of bioluminescent organisms, commonly known as moonjellies, shine starlike in the sea. The author drew on his childhood—the seasons he helped out at his family’s lobster-roll stand in Connecticut—to re-create an interlude spent in the company of his grandmother.


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