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232 pages, 6" x 9", Ages 8-12
ISBN: 1-930900-24-4

The Brothers Lionheart
by Astrid Lindgren

Scotty's big brother Jonathan tells him about Nangiyala, a land on the other side of the stars, where you go after you die. Because Scotty is little and afraid and he's sick and soon he'll die.

"In Nangiyala you have adventures from morning to evening and at night, too. Because it's in Nangiyala that all sagas happen," Jonathan tells Scotty. It sounds so good that Scotty doesn't want to be without Jonathan in Nangiyala, where together they will become the Brothers Lionheart...

Illustrated by Ilon Wikland, translated by Jill Morgan.

Unfortunately this book won't be reprinted. We hope you enjoyed our translation into American English.

"All great things that have happened in the world, happened first of all in someone's imagination, and the aspect of the world of tomorrow depends largely on the extent of the power of imagination in those who are just now learning to read. This is why children must have books, and why there must be people who really care what kind of books are put into the children's hands."

—Astrid Lindgren, quoted from Contemporary Authors
The Gale Literary Databases

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