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Gramma's Walk
by Anna Grossnickle Hines

Gramma sits in the sun parlor in her wheelchair. When Donnie visits, they have a ritual. "Where shall we walk today?" Gramma asks. Donnie chooses one of their favorite paths. Today it is along the seashore. He settles down on a hassock next to the wheelchair, and off they go on their imaginary walk. Gramma and Donnie enjoy their walk every step of the way, and so will the young listeners who join them.

Visit Anna Grossnickle Hines online at www.aghines.com.

ISBN: 9781930900660, Hardcover 32 pages. Ages 3-8. $18.95

Gramma's Walk $18.95

Donnie's Gramma gets around in a wheelchair, but through the magic of imagination, the two of them walk to the beach, listen, feel, and smell the sea; identify prints in the sand; and admire the wildlife. No big deal is made of Gramma's condition, nor is the reason for it given; what comes through is total acceptance and intergenerational love. A warm and wonderful story for helping children understand aging... —School Library Journal, 1994

Donnie and his grandmother, who is in a wheelchair, take an imaginary walk on the beach. Realistic, softly colored watercolor and pencil illustrations juxtapose the dreamers and their vivid imaginings on opposing pages, effectively creating a warm, loving experience for the boy and Gramma. —Horn Book, © 1994

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