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32 pages, 8" x 10"; Ages 3-7
ISBN: 1-930900-14-7 Hardcover $17.95

Hardcover $17.95

The Duchess Bakes a Cake
by Virginia Kahl

A long time ago there lived over the waters,
A Duchess, a Duke and their family of daughters.

Everything went smoothly and happily
in this large family, until one day the
Duchess decided to make:
A lovely light luscious delectable cake.

Would she take the cook's advice? No,
she would not. The Duchess put many
things into the cake, adding the yeast
six times for good measure. So the cake
rose, and the Duchess with it -- and how were they to get her down again?

It is Gunhilde, the youngest of the daughters, who suggests a happy solution.

"Little children should enjoy their books. As long as possible, let them live in a world where characters are basically good, incidents are funny or exciting, and the story ultimately satisfying. I hope that the children who read my books have put them down with sighs of contentment, knowing that their expectations of cheerful uncomplicated tales with happy endings have been vindicated."

Virginia Kahl, quoted from Contemporary Authors
The Gale Literary Databases

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