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Dorothy Z. Seymour
Author of Ann Likes Red

Dorothy Jane Mills wrote Ann Likes Red in 1965 under her former name, Dorothy Z. Seymour, when she was a first-grade teacher. The story is part of a set of ten books designed to help young children become independent readers. The books did help children learn to read on their own. But more than that, they also became classics. Ann Likes Red in particular is beloved by many of todayís young women, who read the book as children. They still remember and admire Annís spunk.

Besides these books, Dorothy has published other childrenís books and two textbooks for teachers, along with many articles and stories both for children and for adults. Two of her adult articles have been reprinted many times in textbooks. Dorothyís latest book, a historical novel called The Sceptre, is set in Austria and the United States during the 1930s, with two flashbacks to ancient Keltic Europe. She is writing a sequel called The Labyrinth.

Dorothy enjoys vegetarian cooking and has published several articles about it. Coming out this year is her vegetarian cookbook, Meatless Meat.

Another aspect of Dorothyís work is sport history. She is the widow and lifetime collaborator of Dr. Harold Seymour, the first and leading historian of baseball. Dorothy completed his last book for him when he became too ill to finish it. She writes sports history articles and gives sports talks.

Dorothy grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but has lived in Boston, New York City, upstate New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Alabama, and in Canada as well as in County Mayo, Ireland. She enjoys travel and research, and she makes frequent book presentations. Dorothy resides in Naples, Florida, with her husband Roy. You can learn more about her and her work if you visit her web site at www.DorothyJaneMills.com.

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