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55 pages; Ages 4-10
ISBN: 9781930900981 Hardcover

Andy and the Circus $18.95

Andy and the Circus
by Ellis Credle

Andy was in town getting a block of ice for his mother's ice chest, a heavy iron point for his father's plow, and a bag of horehound candy for Grandpa when he saw the circus poster!

If only he could buy a ticket to see the clowns but "Great snakes, boy," said Grandpa, "don't go bothering people for money. If you want a ticket to the circus, go to the circus ground and get yourself a job. They'll pay you with a ticket to the big show."

Follow along as kind-hearted Andy rises at daybreak, pedals his way to town seeking a job, while helping family and friends along the the way. Will he make it in time? Will there be a job with the circus for Andy? Will he earn a ticket to the big show?

Ellis Credle penned this humorous classic nearly fifty years ago. It's been delighting readers for generations, while exemplifying the values of self-reliance and kindness to others.

For a short time each order will receive a free trimmed cover (front, back and flaps) to frame for your school room or use in crafty projects!

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